Affiliation to DMATC - INDIA

Are u a martial arts artist?
Are u a martial arts instructor?
Are u a martial arts school?
Looking for a place and recognition in the martial arts world through affiliation?
Your search ends here...DMATC is the right organization for you.
We accept and welcome applications of all credible individuals, instructors and their schools for affiliation to our organization.

How does it Work?

You have to be a credible martial arts instructor. You do not need to own your own club, although we do welcome clubs. You will need to give proof of your rank and background.
Just choose the right category of affiliation, follow the registration process and behold, You will be the proud affiliate of DMATC.

Types of Affiliation

At present we are offering two types of membership:

1. Individual membership - This is open to all martial artists. Proof of rank and background is required. Cost – Rs.3000/- per year
2. Affiliate Club membership - This is open to all clubs of all martial arts styles, with at least 5 students. Cost – Rs.5000/- per year

How do I Register?

To register with DMATC, follow the simple steps below:

1. Download the DMATC affiliation application form. (scroll to the bottom of the page for the forms)
2. Take a print of the form.
3. Fill up the form and paste your latest photograph. (Please do not leave any field blank)
4. Scan the completed form and the relevant documents like your rank certificate, and mail it to

Now sit back and relax. You will receive confirmation of acceptance from DMATC in 4 days time.
Once you receive confirmation of acceptance from DMATC, you have to pay the affiliation fees as per the membership you have applied for.

How do I pay?

1. DMATC account number will be provided to you in the confirmation mail.
2. Fill up the bank pay-slip and deposit the affiliation fees in CASH in the DMATC account.
3. Note the transaction ID and mail it to

Congratulations! You will now be a member of the DMATC family.
All the other details will be explained to you once your registration is complete.

(All fees paid is non-refundable. In case of any dispute the decision of DMATC will be final and binding. For all purposes DMATC and DMATC-INDIA are to be treated as a single entity.)